A Bit of Warmth in the Cold Hall

The “Cold Hall,” which parallels the Great Hall, received that unofficial name because in the winter the sun is blocked by the south wing of the Quadrangle, on the opposite side of the garden.  As you walk along the Cold Hall you pass under the stained glass windows of the old church.  But there is now mounted in that hall a beautiful stained glass window that is brighter than the others.  The magnificent window has a continual glow that seems to add warmth to the entire corridor.

This is unlike any other piece of art on campus and is certainly much different than the other stained glass.  The vibrant colors and the dark wooden frame are impeccable.  The location of this piece is excellent.  Midway through a walk down the “Cold Hall” one may stop and enjoy the warm, illuminating beauty of this lovely stained glass window.

This window was given to Saint John’s University by Paul Krump ’82 in memory of his grandfather and to honor his aunts.  The window was originally installed in the Church of Saint Theresia in Donnelly, MN.  When the church was decommissioned the window was returned to the donor family.  It sustained damage during the intervening years of storage and had aging issues.

Paul contributed funds to have Gary Terhaar (SJU ’67) of Terhaar Stained Glass Studio rebuild and strengthen the window.  Gary found German stained glass by the original company and was able to replace the broken pieces with glass of the same color and thickness.

Paul also contributed the funds necessary to have the Abbey Woodworking Shop design and build a custom housing.  It has LED lighting inside that is computer-controlled for timing and brilliance.  The LED lighting is expected to last many years and use minimal electricity.

There is a didactic beside the window describing the gift.  And one of the pieces of cut glass states that this window was first given “in memory of Alphonse Mich, Sr.  Saint John’s 1910-1911.”  Nearby there is another panel that notes the subsequent generosity to Saint John’s by Paul Krump and his family.

Works of high-quality art enhance many halls, rooms and sacred spaces here at Saint John’s.  When donors are generous with gifts of artwork and the funds to mount and maintain that artwork, Saint John’s is able to enhance the quality of the education of our students.